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nod32 image provides fresh keys for Nod32 free for antivirus, Smart Security, Mobile Security and other products ESET NOD32. Click the button above to get a unique key for ESET NOD32.. Daily updated database Nod32 keys.

ESET NOD32 - is a comprehensive antivirus solution for real-time protection. ESET NOD32 provides protection against viruses and other threats, including Trojan horses, worms, spyware, adware, phishing attacks. In ESET NOD32 uses patented technology ThreatSense, designed to identify new and emerging threats in real time by analyzing the running programs for malicious code that allows you to prevent the actions of malware authors.

When updating databases used by a number of mirror, while also create mirror updates intranet, which reduces the load on the Internet channel. For updates from the official server requires a username and password, which can be obtained by activating your product number on the registration page of the regional site.

Along with virus databases NOD32 uses heuristics that can lead to better detection of yet unknown viruses.

Most antivirus code written in assembly language, so it is characterized by low use of system resources and high speed test with the default settings.

How to activate your product

  1. Click the button "Get Your Keys" which exists in the Home page.
  2. A new window appears containing the NOD32 keys.
  3. Choose one NOD32 username & password and copy them.
  4. Go to your NOD32 antivirus software that you want to activate and choose to activate it by using the choice "Activate using a Username and Password" and click "Next".
    activation image 1
  5. In the field called "Username" paste the NOD32 username you just copied from this website, in the field called "Password" paste the NOD32 password and click "Activate".
    activation image 2
  6. If you get a message saying that the activation has failed, come back to this website, copy another NOD32 keys and try again.
    activation failed
  7. Keep trying different NOD32 keys until you get a message saying "Activation completed" and then click "Finish".
    activation success

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Download the Android application now for FREE

NOD32 Keys Android App